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Recipe – Braised Lamb with Red Wine, Tomatoes, Olives and Aromatic Spices

This is a robust, hearty dish that’s full of Mediterranean flavor. It goes really well served with pasta and because it’s basically a stew,  serving it on top of a pile of fluffy mashed potatoes would also be good. The … Continue reading

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Recipe – Spiced Corned Beef & Cabbage

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, although for the life of me I don’t see why this isn’t eaten year-round, because it’s absolutely delicious and would warm the heart of any ‘meat and potatoes’-type of person. If you have … Continue reading

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Recipe – Sausages Roasted with Potatoes and Apples

Here is a visually more appealing version of an old standby recipe from my student days long ago.  Layers of sausagemeat, apples, onions, herbs and something else I can’t recall, were baked in the oven. It was an economical and … Continue reading

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Recipe – Penne Pasta with Vodka, Bacon & Chili

Pasta is so comforting and generally economical, assuming in this case that you have a bottle of vodka lurking around somewhere. Full of flavor and and easy to prepare, you can use prosciutto, ham or cooked bacon (which happened to … Continue reading

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Recipe – Elk Chili

It’s a good job I have friends who hunt because buying elk meat can be prohibitively expensive. So with many thanks to my hunting friends, I have a generous supply of elk steak and burger meat in my freezer. Deliciously … Continue reading

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Recipe – Cider-Braised Pork with Apples & Shallots

Pork with apple. A classic, centuries-old combination. Where I live there’s a sad absence of roast pork the way I like it; leg or shoulder of pork enrobed with a crisp, light, mouthwateringly fragrant crackling that begs to be served … Continue reading

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Recipe – ‘Lapin Aux Pruneaux’ (Rabbit Braised in Red Wine With Prunes)

There’s no easy way to present this. I do my best to share recipes that will appeal to the whole gamut of peoples’ food preferences but I also realize that rabbit will only appeal to certain types of people such … Continue reading

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