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Recipe – Classic French Apple Tart

Or perhaps I should call this my lazy version of a classic French apple tart as I used a jar of organic sugar-free apple puree for the filling, because I couldn’t be bothered to peel and cook a load of … Continue reading

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Recipe – Rose & Lemon Shortbread Cookies

I adapted this from a recipe that my sister gave me, which called for the finished cookies to be dunked in melted chocolate but I felt that was a bit like gilding the lily. With or without a coating of … Continue reading

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Recipe – Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites

With ingredients such as mashed avocado, sweet potato, coconut milk and almond butter, you might be forgiven for thinking these might taste weird but in fact they’re intensely chocolaty, dense and moist. A perfect little dessert bite that’s gluten, dairy … Continue reading

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Recipe – Potato & Apple Cake

What do you do when the weather is dreadful, you can’t be tempted outside to shop for groceries and you need to make a dessert? Well you’ll probably make something with what you already have – and in my case, … Continue reading

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Recipe – Breton Gateau (Brittany Butter Cake)

This version of a traditional cake from Brittany, France is really a celebration of the glorious butter produced by western France’s world famous dairy cows. And don’t get me started on the Normandy cheeses – you’ll be pleased to know … Continue reading

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Recipes – Freezer Essentials

Apart from the obvious such as meat, fish, chicken, peas, vodka, raw pizza dough, ice, ice cream, ginger and garlic paste, butter, bread and soft fresh goat cheese – and in keeping with my philosophy of preparing meals that are … Continue reading

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Recipe – Beer Bread

Who doesn’t have a can or bottle of beer lurking somewhere in the fridge? Well of course non-drinkers won’t but rest assured the alcohol evaporates entirely, leaving you with a wonderful, fragrant and almost cake-like loaf of bread that’s ridiculously … Continue reading

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