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I'm passionate about food; I cook, photograph, eat...then writes about it in that order. I'm also an occasional restaurant critic and caterer; a former newspaper columnist; author; social media/marketing communications; world traveler; dog lover; skier...and wit, (according to those who know me).

Tagliatelle with Fresh Chanterelles & Pancetta

The chanterelle season seems longer this year and my local Coscto has had boxes and boxes of them for the past 6 weeks – picked then shipped from the wildest wilds of Oregon. I’m not complaining but I am running … Continue reading

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Coconut Rice with Lime and Another Comforting Rice Pudding

A completely gluten, sugar and dairy-free dessert, this soothing rice dish would normally be referred to in the UK as  ‘rice pudding’ but the word ‘pudding’ doesn’t have the same comforting connotation in the US as it does back home. … Continue reading

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Plum & Almond Custard Tart

I would normally make a tart like this with summer berries, but these late summer plums were so ripe and juicy that I thought I try something different. The result was proclaimed absolutely delicious. I make pastry from scratch and … Continue reading

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Jackfruit Curry

I was recently persuaded to try a vegan alternative to meat, chicken and fish in a curry and the alternative was jackfruit, which I’m told is a good meat substitute. I did a bit of investigating and learned that ripe … Continue reading

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Recipe – Greek Salad with Watermelon & Grilled Halloumi

Having just returned from a trip to Jolly Olde England where the weather was scorching, I was looking forward to some cooling Colorado mountain breezes; no so. Equally scorching here. Grilled halloumi cheese (the squeakiest cheese on the planet) is … Continue reading

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Recipe – Pasta with Shrimp, Lemon & Beet Greens

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve discarded beet greens because they looked like they barely survived a hurricane but when fresh and perky, they’re earthily sweet and delicious. I particularly love those golden beets that come in … Continue reading

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Recipe – Gluten-Free Almond & Berry Cheesecake

Ground almonds are my favorite go-to alternative to regular flour as they create such a moist and dense cake with a lovely nutty flavor. In this case I also experimented with calorie-free *Monkfruit sugar and the result was pretty amazing. … Continue reading

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Recipe – Hot Smoked Salmon, Roast Baby Potatoes & Dill

Another wonderful yet simple recipe from Nigel Slater that takes no time at all to whip up. Roast baby potatoes infused with dill and topped with a slab of hot smoked salmon is deeply satisfying and absolutely delicious. Serving hot … Continue reading

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Recipe – Carrot Halva

Making Indian desserts can be a bit time consuming but they aren’t complicated and don’t require special skills or equipment. They are however, totally worth it. The milk-based varieties are notoriously rich and make an elegant dinner party sweetmeat; a … Continue reading

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Recipe – Mushrooms on Toast

Here’s something simple yet satisfying when faced with a carton of fresh mushrooms and not much else. A few sprigs of rosemary, a scattering of parsley and the rest you probably already have in your fridge or cupboard.  Use any … Continue reading

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