Recipe: My favorite Beefburger with Mustard & Dill

Yesterday I was thinking that summer isn’t remotely here in the Rockies and I had to grill indoors. Even the hummingbirds seemed a bit underwhelmed by the weather but today it’s another matter and we’re all in raptures, not least because we’re still here to enjoy the sunshine!

Anyway, this burger is delicious made with ground buffalo, bison, beef or turkey.

You’ll need to buy very lean ground meat for this. The mustard-sour-cream-dill sauce doesn’t in any way overwhelm the flavor – it just creates a wonderfully juicy and tasty burger.

Serve it on your favorite toasted burger bun – in my case this means one half of the smallest bun available and I like a wheat and gluten free variety that I find in the frozen bread section of the supermarket; made by ‘Kinnikinnick Foods’. It’s so light and barely does the job of holding the burger in place….a good excuse for finger-licking.

Notes at the end.

Beefburger with Mustard & Dill

Beefburger with Mustard & Dill


(Serves 2)


10 oz lean ground beef, buffalo, bison or turkey

3 tablespoons of sour cream (not low fat)

3 tablespoons of Dijon mustard

1 ½ tablespoons of fresh dill, chopped

Sea salt, freshly milled black pepper

Burger buns


Combine together the sour cream, mustard and dill.

Add 3 tablespoons of this to the ground meat; blend thoroughly and lightly season with salt and pepper. Set aside the rest of the mustard-sour-cream-dill mixture.

Form two burger patties approx ½ inch thick and grill both sides for approx 4 mins.

Toast the buns and spread the remaining sour-cream-mustard-dill onto each bun; load with sliced tomato, lettuce and burger then eat ASAP.


You could try making salmon burgers this way and because it could be a bit fatty, I’d reduce the amount of sauce that’s added to the minced fish and serve more on the side – the flavors will certainly go very well together.

I prefer arugula (aka rocket) to lettuce.

You probably won’t need all of the sour cream mixture so any left over will go well with grilled salmon; a smoky sausage; smoked whitefish; kipper, etc.

You can mix everything together and kept it covered in the fridge for a day before forming the burger patties – it’s really good!

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6 Responses to Recipe: My favorite Beefburger with Mustard & Dill

  1. Sue Ellen Burckhart says:

    What sunshine?

  2. donna harper says:

    Made these burgers for a Memorial Day bbq and they were fabulous. I used ground bison with a touch of ground sirloin and served them on mini ciabatta rolls that I found in the frozen bread section (couldn’t find the rolls you recommended). Everyone loved the them They’ve been dubbed “J Burgers”. Can’t wait to make them again.

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