Recipe – Pasta with Smoked Trout, Broccoli & Lemon

Being landlocked in Colorado, our selection of available fresh fish leaves much to be desired but we do have excellent smoked Rocky Mountain trout.

The flavors of smoked trout, lemon, broccoli, anchovy and garlic, combine brilliantly to create a surprisingly hearty dish. All you’ll need to accompany this is some extra Parmigiano Reggiano to pass around – and perhaps warm crusty bread for the very hungry.

Note: a fish or seafood pasta dish is rarely offered with grated cheese, in fact it’s somewhat frowned upon. However, in this case it works beautifully but leave it out if you prefer.

Pasta with Smoked Trout & Broccoli

Spaghetti with Broccoli, Smoked Trout & Lemon


(Enough for 2-3)


6 oz (150g) of your favorite pasta shapes

6 anchovy fillets in olive oil plus 1 taablespoon of their oil

2 fat cloves of garlic, minced

8oz (230g) of young broccoli, broken into small florets with some of the tender stalks, chopped

8 oz (230g) of smoked cooked trout, torn into bite sized pieces

Extra-v olive oil

The finely grated and chopped zest of 1 medium lemon

1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

A good handful of flat-leaf parsley, coarsely chopped

1-2 oz (30-60g) of grated Parmigiano Reggiano plus extra to pass around

Freshly ground black pepper


Bring a big pan of salted water to a rapid boil and drop in the broccoli. let it simmer for 4 minutes then remove and set it aside. Use the water for the pasta.

While the pasta is cooking per instructions, heat the anchovy oil, anchovies and crushed garlic together in a wide pan, breaking up the anchovy fillets, until you have a lovely fragrant mush.

Add the drained broccoli and give everything a good stir over a low heat, then add the smoked trout and a few tablespoons of the pasta cooking water, followed by the cooked pasta. Drizzle a little extra-v olive oil over and toss well to combine.

Add the lemon juice, lemon zest, parsley and a good grind of black pepper. Continue to toss, then add the grated cheese, giving it a final toss before serving in warmed bowls – with extra cheese passed around.


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