Recipe – Pasta with Tuna & Anchovies

Fast, fabulous & filling, this is the perfect solution for those times when you stagger in tired and hungry after a long day at work.

It’s amazing what you can quickly crank out using the contents of your kitchen cupboard that you came across while spring-cleaning; cans of anchovies and  tuna in oil to be precise. I was reminded of a staple Patricia Lousada recipe that I relied heavily upon back in the 80’s when I was working 12 hour days and forgot to eat, until I got home late.

For something that was assembled, photographed and eaten, all within 30 minutes, it’s unexpectedly delicious. The combination of canned tuna, anchovies, butter, olive oil, black pepper and parsley, yields a rather miraculous result – just keep your kitchen cupboard well stocked with canned fish and you’ll never be at a loss, even when friends drop by unexpectedly!

Pasta with Tuna & Anchovies

Pasta with Tuna & Anchovies


(enough for two very hungry people)


12 oz (350g) of short pasta shapes

4 tablespoons of extra-v olive oil

2 oz (50g) of unsalted butter

7 oz (198g) of canned tuna, preferably in oil – drained

2 oz (56g) can of anchovies

Lots of freshly ground black pepper

A couple of heaped tablespoons of chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley


Get the pasta started according to instructions.

While the pasta cooks,  melt the butter in the olive oil in a heavy pan, then add the drained tuna and anchovies. Warm through, mashing the fish together with a fork.

Drain the pasta quickly and add to the fish in the pan, along with most of the parsley and loads of freshly ground black pepper. Combine thoroughly, tip the lot into a warmed serving dish or dishes and scatter the remaining parsley on top.

Serve immediately.


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4 Responses to Recipe – Pasta with Tuna & Anchovies

  1. Sue Ellen says:

    Lovely for summer.

  2. Lovely year-round!

  3. Alexandra Yajko says:

    Fabulous and easy….that’s the ticket. Thank you.

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