Recipe – Sweet Potato Crisps

Barely a recipe, I’d been making these just as a treat for my dog until one day I decided to add a touch of pink Himalayan salt before baking them. They were so incredibly good that I now regularly make a dog-batch (no salt) and a human-batch.

Not only are they delicious but they’re highly nutritious and ridiculously easy to make.  Use organic sweet potatoes if possible and I like to use avocado oil but you could use any good quality cooking oil.

Not much else to say about them other than they won’t hang around for long. You’ll need a mandoline or a very thin, sharp knife plus oven-proof wire racks to bake them on; these  allow the air to circulate, resulting in a crunchy crisp.

Once cooled and dried out, they’ll keep in an airtight container for quite some time.

My dog will devour month-old crisps but I don’t suggest making them that far in advance for human consumption.

Sweet Potato Crisps

Sweet Potato Crisps



Allow one medium organic sweet potato per person and approx 1/4 teaspoon of avocado or olive oil per sweet potato

A pinch of sea salt


Pre-heat the oven to 250F (120C)

Rinse and dry the sweet potatoes (don’t peel them). Using a mandoline or sharp knife, cut them as thinly as possible into rounds. Put the slices in a large bowl, add the oil and give them a good toss.

Zoe 3.09 006If you have a dog, take theirs out and spread them in a single layer on a wire rack.

For yours, add sea salt to taste, toss again and spread in a single layer on another wire rack.

Bake for 60 minutes or until they’re crisp. Allow to cool and dry out on the rack before storing.

*Note: if you live in a humid climate such as Florida they’ll probably never be as crisp as you’d like, in which case I’m sorry but you may need to resort to a deep-fryer (not quite as healthy) or a dehydrator.

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    More pics of Zoi please!

  2. Sybil Hill says:

    “Yummy” and simple chips… preparing tomorrow.

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