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Recipe: Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Here’s some sunshine in a jar for the first day of spring. A jar of Moroccan preserved lemons makes a lovely gift and brightens up any kitchen. If you make them to give as gifts do the recipient a favor … Continue reading

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Recipe: Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

This is an outstandingly delicious sauce for pasta or any recipe that calls for tomato sauce. The slow oven roasting really concentrates the tomato flavor and the addition of honey creates a perfectly balanced finish. You can increase the garlic … Continue reading

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2 recipes: Pear & Garlic Aioli – and Marsala Poached Pears

Looking at the first picture, I imagine you’re thinking that I’ve finally lost it. Not Moi. This is my adaptation of a *Catalonian aioli sauce, that calls for quince. Where I live, quince(s) are hard to come by so I … Continue reading

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It’s Hunting Season! So here’s a Recipe for ‘Duxelles’

…and all you need is a small sharp knife! Well, that’s not exactly true as you’ll also need the following: • A wide basket or container so that you can spread the mushrooms in a single layer to avoid crushing … Continue reading

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