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Recipe – How to Cook Lobster

I’m sure there are many people out there who enjoy fresh lobster but are daunted by the task of cooking it themselves, so when I was invited to my friend’s annual lobster party, this time rather than going for a … Continue reading

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Recipe – Grilled Caesar Salad

This is a delightful twist on that ubiquitous classic, Caesar Salad. Grilling the lettuce before putting the dressing on doesn’t in any way diminish it’s crunch and there’s something rather wonderful about warm, crunchy lettuce oozing with melted Parmigiano Reggiano … Continue reading

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Recipe – Spiced Yogurt Grilled Salmon with a Salad of Quinoa, Cucumber, Mint & Pomegranate

A spring-like, even summery dish, bursting with flavor and crunch – and perfect on an 80+F degree day, despite the fact that there’s more snow in the forecast. Ah well, the hummingbirds are already here so as far as I’m … Continue reading

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Recipe – Salmon & Potato Cake

This is a lovely brunch or lunch dish, perhaps served with something green on the side. I know that in the US in particular,  during the first part of the day people like to serve fruit with this type of … Continue reading

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Recipe – Fish Roasted with Potatoes & Fennel

Here’s a dish that’s full of robust flavor, is really simple to prepare and only takes about 30 minutes to cook – perfect for fall. You do have to like fennel however. It isn’t overwhelming but it definitely has a … Continue reading

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Recipe – Ceviche with Shrimp

Ceviche is a traditional Latin American dish that involves ‘cooking’ small pieces of raw fish in citrus juices, then adding other ingredients such as onion, avocado, chili, tomatoes and cilantro (coriander leaf). However if you make it with shrimp as … Continue reading

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Recipe – Pasta Salad with Anchovies, Parsley & Black Olives

Don’t dismiss this because of the word ‘anchovies’…this is one of the most delicious and simplest pasta salads, ever. I’ve been making it for well over 20 years and as I’ve frequently mentioned when anchovies show up in a recipe, … Continue reading

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