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‘The LIEBSTER AWARD’ – And The Nominees Are…

I am thrilled to report that I’ve been nominated for the above award – an award presented only to qualified  bloggers. Thank you so much, Iris & Your Very Hungry Entourage for your most welcome vote of confidence in nominating … Continue reading

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Grilled Peaches – follow me on Twitter!

….for Fast & Fabulous daily recipes and extraordinary shared creations from some of the world’s leading chefs and internationally renowned food publications, as well as new ideas and discoveries from brilliant like-minded foodies, food-scientists and wine-lovers: GRILLED PEACHES with … Continue reading

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Edibletcetera on Facebook!

For all you food lovers out there; Edibletcetera’s Facebook page is now posting a ‘DISH OF THE DAY’….this blog will continue to add new exciting recipes and food ideas each week. Thank you for following Edibletcetera and please share with … Continue reading

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The not-so-Smartphone

Smartphones operate at warp speed these days – I’d considered waiting until they increased from 4G to 11 before buying one but… while the cellphone I’ve used for the past 2 years is a sleek little item, texting is a … Continue reading

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Where Are Your Manners?

….are they polished and on display? How interesting that the media is currently shining a spotlight on the lack of good manners in today’s society when I’ve been banging on about this subject for several years. I first moved to … Continue reading

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A Note from The Dog

As She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed has spent this week preoccupied with having an Attitude of Gratitude, I’ve decided to write this blog and its all about me, me, me….. I get the concept of gratitude but for me it’s an instantaneous thing that’s … Continue reading

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Since last weekend when I hiked in the high country and enjoyed the brilliant fall colors (see for yourself here and above), I’ve had a week of little upsets and irritations: Starting with hearing about the health issues of family … Continue reading

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